I was thinking about you help today and thought what a good realtor you are and the more I thought about it realized you don`t help as a realtor you help because you are great person.

Thank you for being who you are!



Congratulations on a fantastic year.  Your consul, staging and presentation of my desert home was the difference between average and great results. 

I will recommend you to my friends who are looking to buy or sell in the desert.
Don James

For approximately two years I have had the pleasure of dealing with Corinne Zajec. Being a President of a Commercial Real Estate Company I deal with a lot of brokers mostly commercial throughout the United States.  I have had the pleasure of doing work and completing deals in 46 States on behalf of clients like PetSmart, Golf Galaxy, Ross, and Total Wine. I have worked with some of the best commercial real estate brokers and when I say they could all learn from Corinne I mean it.

Corinne not only helped me lease two houses in Rancho Mirage but helped me find my dream house. As most of you know there isn’t a lot of money in leasing houses.  However for those that take the time and do it well like Corinne there is hopefully  an opportunity someday to work with a buyer. 

Corinne was hands on both of our leases and the sale.  I have never seen anyone work from start to finish through every minute detail as she did.  Not only did she help me with the purchase itself but she helped me obtain financing a full point below what I would have been able to get  from my own sources.  Corinne understood the contract and all the steps that go with it.  A lot of agents/brokers sign a contract and are next seen collecting a commission. Not Corinne.  When my roof was being inspected(I was in St. Louis and she was at the house), she facetimed me from the roof to show me what issues the inspector had called out.  Again she climbed the ladder got on the roof and facetimed me the issues. She did the same with each area of the house and each item called out by the inspector.  In heels.   For every inspection, for every process and every approval she was there.    
But not only was Corinne instrumental during the process but she helped me after the process.  If I needed a professional for some repairs or maintenance who did I call. Corinne. She has helped me build a team of professionals to tackle any issues and emergencies.  
In fact today I had a warranty issue that was frustrating me.   We are talking 9 months after closing in one of the hottest residential  markets ever and what did she do she took it upon herself to call the Warranty Provider and solve my problem.   I’m sure she could have used the time for other things that would have made her money  but she didn’t and she responded to me immediately.         I’ve been on hold before trying to get service providers and 30 minutes goes by very quickly.   What she did today saved me a lot of money because it allowed me to conduct my business.  She put my needs before her own and the people willing to do that are few and far between. 

I can not  thank Corinne enough.  I could not  be happier with my house and but for Corinne I would not own it.

So thanks again Corinne from my entire family.  You are the best.  

Craig Wielansky

Dear Corinne,
It was wonderful that the house sold so quickly, and with the least amount of complication.
I know that didn`t just happen without a lot of skill and effort on your part!
You did a great job, and I am most grateful!

Nancy Mannes

Corinne is simply the best! I’ve known Corinne for nine years and she has provided valuable assistance many times over this period including coordinating the sale of two homes and the purchase of another. I would highly recommend them for all your real estate transactions.

Keith Brenner

My wife and I recently closed on a house in Rancho Mirage. We were represented by Corinne Zajac. I have been in the Real Estate brokerage business for 40 years and have purchased and sold many properties. Corinne and Angela’s representation was second to none. They are extremely knowledgeable, they communicated and kept us apprised throughout the process, they followed up immediately and stayed true to the commitments they made and handled problems quickly and fairly.

John Kerin

I have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions and can say categorically that no one I’ve met works harder or more diligently than Corinne Zajac . She has the magic of intelligence , experience, integrity and is a genuine people person .

Robert Macdonald

Corinne is energetic, enthusiastic, and a knowledgeable individual. Corinne worked tirelessly to find us our perfect second home!

Dr. Marc Mariani

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